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Adult Awards

We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of adults to guide the boys in Troop 451.  Many of them have been recognized for their efforts over the years.  Those awards include:

Silver Beaver (council-level distinguished service award):   silverbeaver
Karen Hassett (2012)
Chip Reinhardt (2003)

District Award of Merit:
Todd Taft (2013)
Jim Salamon (2012)
Chip Reinhardt (1986)

Order of the Arrow Vigil:
Karen Hassett

Mawat District Boy Scouter of the Year:
Nigel Walker (2015)

Mawat District Volunteer of the Year:
Michael & Stefanie Whitlow (2014)

Mawat District Cubmaster of the Year:
Karen Hassett (2014)

Mawat District Unit Commissioner of the Year:
Todd Taft (2014)

Kevin Bruce Award:
REW Wilson
Karen Hassett

Wood Badge:
Andrea Sumner (2017 – S7-421-17-1 working ticket)
Janell Lovelace (2015 – S7-421-15-2)
Tanner Lovelace (2015 – S7-421-15-1)
James Brown (2014 – S7-421-14-2)
Scott Gibson (2010 – SR-1050)
Justin Sprague (2010 – SR-1050)
Jim Salamon (2008 – SR-894 also Walking Wood Badge)
Karen Hassett (2008 – SR-894)
Chip Reinhardt (2008 – SR-894)

Currently Wear the “Trained” Patch for being Trained in their Position of Responsibility within the Troop:
Scoutmaster: Jim Salamon
Chartered Organization Representative: trainedstrip Helen Harrison
Troop Committee Chair: Justin Sprague
Assistant Scoutmasters:

  • James Brown
  • Karen Hassett
  • Mike Millward
  • Beth Stockstill
  • Mike Whitlow
  • Rew Wilson

Troop Committee Members:

  • James Beddingfield
  • Dick Boyd
  • Carole Bruhn
  • Scott Gibson
  • Ellison Jones
  • Janell Lovelace
  • Tanner Lovelace
  • Steve Musick
  • Nigel Walker
  • Stefanie Whitlow
  • Chris Wilkes
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