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Scout Tenderfoot Second Class First Class Star Life Eagle
Scout Tenderfoot  2nd Class 1st Class Star Life Eagle

Troop 451 has a great track record in producing Eagle Scouts and we want you to make it!  Check out these links for more information.

How do I advance in rank?
You start out at Scout, and work your way up to Eagle, the highest rank. New Scouts in the training patrols will work hard on completing the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class Scout as soon as possible.

  1. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for the rank.
    Pass-offs for rank requirements of Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class are done by any First Class or higher rank Scout. This will usually be a Troop Guide, but can also be an adult leader. The requirements for all the Scout ranks are found in the Handbook. The requirements are signed off ONLY in your Scout Handbook. You should therefore bring your Handbook to every troop meeting or activity and remember to take it home with you each time. If you lose the Handbook, you will have to re-pass any signed-off requirements for the next rank.

  2. Participate in troop activities
    Participation is required for advancement to the Second and First Class Ranks. These things count as one activity each: A troop camping trip or special event, troop Court of Honor, Eagle Scout Court of Honor, troop service project, a day’s work on the Eagle Scout service project of a Troop 451 Scout, Scout Sunday, and any other troop activities which the Scoutmaster decides count as activities. A week at Summer Camp counts as TWO activities!

  3. Have a conference with the Scoutmaster.
    When you have finished all the requirements for a rank, you will have a brief Scoutmaster conference to see how things are going.

  4. Pass a Board of Review.
    Finally, you must pass a Board of Review to see if you are ready for the rank. A Board of Review is an oral discussion about scouting. The Boards of Review for all ranks except Eagle are held by making an appointment with the Troop Advancement Chairman. The members of the Board of Review will ask you certain questions to make sure that you are ready to earn the rank you are seeking, so be prepared and know your stuff! If you pass, then tell the Scoutmaster and he will give you your new rank that night. If you do not pass, then the Board of Review members will tell you what you need to fix so that you can come back another time to try again. Be in full uniform and on time for your Boards of Review!

  5. Get your new badge of rank!
    After you have met the requirements for advancement, including the Scoutmaster conference and the Board of Review, you will receive the badge of rank for your uniform from the Scoutmaster at the Troop meeting. At the next Court of Honor, all ranks and merit badges earned since the last Court of Honor are publicly  recognized and you will receive a recognition card for each achievement. The Court of Honor is a special ceremony held three times a year in place of a regular troop meeting.

Can YOU earn the highest rank in Scouting?
Of course you can! It just takes hard work and determination. Plaques with the names of all Eagle Scouts who have earned this high honor in Troop 451 are mounted on the fireplace of the Calhoon Cabin. Maybe one day your name will be on that plaque, too!

Important Information for Eagle Scout Candidates

Reference Letters

  1. The council’s PO Box for Eagle reference letters was CLOSED in December 2013.  This is causing delays of 20 days or more in forwarding of eagle reference letters to the council, but in a large percentage of cases, the references are returned to the sender and are, therefore, not received at the council office at all.

    Instead of mailing  the letter, letter writers can send their letter electronically to the council-specific email address: This offers 100% assured delivery to the reference writer.

    The council is encouraging scouts to use a new website for all reference letter so requests and submission can be handled electronically. The site maintained solely for Occoneechee Council candidates and provides a wealth of benefits to the Eagle candidate and efficiency to the reference writer.  Instructions for using this new website are here

    If you have already sent out reference letter request and told them to send to the PO box,  I suggest you recontact your letter writers and ask them to send it again using one of the methods mentioned above.

  2. There is a new “2014” Eagle Scout application form that has the Cooking MB listed on it.
    The council is no longer accepting Eagle rank applications that use the old form.  The new form is downloadable from here

  3. There is a new 2014 Eagle Project workbook.
    Scouts preparing new Eagle Scout proposals should begin using this version immediately.  The new workbook can be downloaded from here

    Scouts who already using and have an approved proposal using the previous workbook may continue to use it. The workbook was created in Adobe LiveCycle, which must be saved to your computer and opened with Adobe Reader 9 or later. This enables the user to take advantage of the enhancements of expandable text boxes and importing images.

  4. The council is encouraging Eagle candidates to fill in the Eagle Project workbook and Eagle Rank application electronically instead of hand written. Hand written forms can cause many mistakes and delays in processing  of applications. So long as they can read what’s on the application, handwritten or typed — either is fine, but if you have bad handwriting, consider doing them on the computer.
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