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Square Knots

Troop 451 encourages all Scouts to wear their uniforms with pride.  Uniforms are to be worn at all official Scouting functions, including Troop meetings, Scoutmaster conferences, and Boards of Review.  Uniforms are also to be worn when traveling to or from Troop activities, including camp outs and summer camp.

Insignia Placement Guide

Consolidated Troop 451 patch left sleeve, just below the shoulder seam
Badge of office (e.g., Patrol Leader) left sleeve, just below the Troop 451 patch
Patrol emblem right sleeve, below the flag
Quality Unit patch right sleeve, below the Patrol emblem
World Crest centered above left pocket, halfway to shoulder seam
Arrow of Light award centered immediately below left pocket
Badge of rank (e.g., Scout, Tenderfoot) centered on left pocket

More Details

Uniforms are not required for merit badge classes unless specifically requested by the merit badge counselor. Uniforms are also generally not required for work on service projects, although there may be exceptions.

You can buy the uniform at the Council Scout Office in Raleigh, or by BSA Catalog Sales at 1-800-323-0732. You can also view, but not order, the uniform online at A complete uniform (short-sleeve shirt, trousers, belt, socks) will cost between $72 and $86, depending on the size you buy. The Troop may have used uniforms available in different sizes.

You will be given the red loops for your uniform shirt and patches by the Scoutmaster when you join the troop: (1) a consolidated Troop 451 patch including the council name and Troop numerals ; (2) a purple World Crest patch; (3) a Quality Unit patch; (4) a Scout Rank patch; and (5) a Patrol emblem.

The Occoneechee Council patch is worn on the left shoulder. The one-piece red and white patch containing the numbers 451 is placed on the left shoulder directly below and centered on the Occoneechee Council patch. The purple World Crest patch is placed 3 inches below the left shoulder seam centered over the left pocket. The Quality Unit patch is placed on the right sleeve just above the cuff of the shirt sleeve. The rank patch (new Scouts get the Scout rank patch after completing the joining requirements) is centered on the left pocket. The Patrol emblem is worn on the right sleeve just below the American Flag. The positioning of patches is shown on the inside covers of the Boy Scout Handbook.

If you were a Cub Scout, some of these required patches may already be on your Cub uniform and can be transferred to the Boy Scout uniform. Troop 451 does not wear hats or neckerchiefs as part of its uniform, although you can wear them if you want. If you earned the Arrow of Light Award, the Arrow of Light patch can also be sewn onto the lower left pocket. As you go farther in Scouting, you will get more patches for your uniform.

Troop 451 recognizes Class A and Class B uniforms. The Class A uniform includes shirt with badges and patches sewed on correctly, short or long pants, belt, and socks. The Class A uniform is worn at all regular troop meetings, at Board of Review and Court of Honor, and for traveling to and from most camping trips. Hats, neckerchiefs, and merit badge sashes are optional. Scouts are encouraged to wear merit badge sashes and are expected to wear them to Scoutmaster conferences, Boards of Review, and Courts of Honor.

The Class B uniform’s only requirement is a Scout-related shirt and Scout pants (long or short). The official Scout shirt is acceptable, as are T-shirts from summer camp, camporees, or other Scout events. Class B uniforms are acceptable for summer Troop meetings only.

Information on specific placement of badges and insignia on the Scout shirt can be found here. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the information.

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